How to Help an Autistic Child

Helping an autistic child can be frustrating because they need continuous, intensive and multifaceted assistance. Autistic children in the 60 to 70 IQ range tend to have a better outlook, as do those who have spontaneous speech by age 5 or 6. Make your child a part of your family, …

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Assistance dog helps girl with autism speak for first time in years

For years, Sophia Reither didn’t speak to her teachers and classmates at school. Her teachers say her new four-legged companion has changed that completely. “She’s a different kid,” mom Michele Reither told KARE. Sofia has autism, which for years made it difficult for her to communicate with others. She had violent …

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Easy-to-Use Calming Strategies for Autism

My most recent video blog post shows my work with a girl with Autism who is non-verbal and has many sensory needs. She comes into the session upset and anxious and I do my best to help her regulate her sensory system so that she can calm down and work …

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Kid doing fitness exercises

5 Effective Yoga Poses For Autism

Do you know someone who suffers from autism? The disorder is less about the cause and more about the symptoms. Autistic children struggle to handle their bodies and their immediate environment. Fortunately, yoga can assist the children with their symptoms. Interested to know more about yoga and autism? Have a …

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Girl, 6, Writes Touching Letter To Defend Brother With Autism

Six-year-old Lex is already fighting the good fight for disability equality. After a classmate at her school in southern England called her 9-year-old brother, who has autism, “weird,” she decided to take an heroic stand. Lex penned a heartwarming letter to her teachers, asking them to do more to educate her fellow pupils about …

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How to Calm Down an Autistic Person: 10 Steps

Often, autistic people can have meltdowns, shutdowns, or breakdowns if they get upset or overwhelmed. If you’re with them, it’s important to know what to do to calm them down. Steps 1 If the person is verbal, ask them what is bothering them. If it’s an advertisement on a television, or …

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How pop culture is helping spread autism awareness

From Sesame Street, to NBC’s “Parenthood,” to “The Big Bang Theory,” TV shows and various pop culture celebrities are helping to destigmatize autism, Newsy reports. Last week, Sesame Street Workshop announced the first-ever muppet with autism, named “Julia,” as part of a new initiative on the show, “Sesame Street and Autism: …

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3 Ways to Experience Autistic Culture

Are you autistic, or is one of your loved ones on the spectrum? Do you feel lonely, or do you want to learn more about autism? Introducing yourself to autistic culture is a great way to educate yourself and find companionship. Method1 : Experiencing the Culture 1 Realize that autistic people make …

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