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10 Things People with Autism Want You to Know


Here are things kids, teenagers, and adults with autism want you to know about our community. “If you’ve met one individual with autism, you’ve met one individual with autism.” – Stephen M. Shore “Autistic people want love, relationships and marriage just like everyone else, and are able to maintain a …

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5-Year-Old Girl with Autism Paints Breathtaking Works of Art


For many people diagnosed with autism, communicating through speech and social interaction can be challenging. As a way to express herself, 5-year-old Iris Grace began painting last year, and has already garnered praise across the globe for her incredibly beautiful works of art. The young artist, who lives in the …

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Families Of People With Autism Want More Research


Four in five people with autism will have mental health problems at some point in their lives, according to a charity. Families of people with autism have expressed concern about a lack of research and specialism into treating mental illness. Four out of five people with the condition will suffer …

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How to Help a Hyposensitive Autistic Person


Do you have a friend, student, spouse, or loved one on the autism spectrum? Are some of their senses hyposensitive? Is hyperactivity or sensory seeking impacting their lives? Here are ways you can help them receive the stimulation they crave, so they can be comfortable. Part 1 : General Tips …

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Woman With Autism Only Speaks When She’s Around Black Cats


Jordan mainly went without speaking for the last 10 years — today, she’s found her voice. PAWsitive Jordan’s nonverbal behavior was not a choice, however. The 22-year-old woman has autism, and often has trouble expressing herself to the world around her. Except, that is, when she’s around cats. Specifically black …

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Autism Is Not the Problem


Throughout the mainstream media, we are practically bombarded with different things that are claimed to “cause” autism: Vaccinations. Diet. Environment. Drugs during pregnancy. Birth types. Gut health. And you know what? I am absolutely sick of it. As a wife who is married to an autistic man and a mother of two autistic children, I know …

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