Activities for Low Functioning People With Autism

Low-functioning people with autism often engage in self-stimulating behaviors such as rocking back and forth in their seats, flicking fingers in front of their eyes or putting objects in their mouths. Sensory activities provide the stimulation that their nervous systems seem to be seeking. At the same time, fine-motor motor …

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Mother having discussion with son

How I Told My Daughter That Her Brother Has Autism

  Natalie was about six or seven when she first began noticing her brother’s quirks. Before that, he was just another cool kid in the house to amuse her.     And then one day she asked me, “Why does Tommy flop on his bed over and over again?” It’s …

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Police dog rescues lost boy with autism in the woods

VICTORY TOWNSHIP, MICH. – Cash, Mason County Sheriff’s Office K-9, rescued a 4-year-old boy with autism who was lost in the woods Thursday, Oct. 6. According to the Mason County Press, police were dispatched at 3:58 p.m. to a report of a missing boy in the 4000 block of North …

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10 Strategies for Calming a Child with Autism

  Children with autism are frequently overstimulated by lights, sounds and touch. They may become frustrated and overwhelmed when routines change. They may want to eat only certain foods and become agitated when that food isn’t available. As any parent of a child with ASD will tell you, there are …

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Their success in the sports and entertainment worlds couldn’t prepare them for the awful truth they heard in the doctor’s office over a decade ago. But celebrity Apprentice star Holly Robinson Peete and her husband, former NFL quarterback Rodney Peete, somehow found the strength to face their son’s autism diagnosis. …

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Teaching Safety Skills To Children With Autism

Teaching safety skills to children with autism is imperative in our rapidly changing unsafe world. Most children have this inate sense of danget that keeps them relatively safe.  Our children with autism lack any sense of danger which inherently puts them in more danger than the average child.  As with …

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